“Anti Allergic Hygienic Liquid Hand Soap”

It is a hand soap with extra moisturizer for sensitive skin. It has anti-allergic composition. Since it contains antiseptic materials, it creates hygiene while washing hands. It has been tested dermatologically.

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“Liquid Hand Soap (with Glycerin)”

It is used for daily cleaning at houses and workplaces. It does not damage the skin and it is suitable for skin pH.

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“Hygienic Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer”

It is used in place of solid soaps which are neither hygienic nor economical. With its special perfume it leaves a nice smell on your hands during and after cleaning. It is suitable for skin pH.

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“Concentrated Hand Cleaning Agent with Grease Remover”

It does not contain acid, ammonia or free alkali. It perfectly cleans the grease, soot, paint and ink from the hands.  It is not much foamy and easy to rinse as reduces water consumption with a perfect result.

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“Anti Bacterial Foam Hand Cleaning Liquid”

It is a foam used in cleaning and disinfecting hands of the employees in workplaces, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, food industry and industrial kitchens as well clients or customers. It has special substances providing hygienic cleaning. With its special perfume it also deodorizes hands.

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“Liquid Hand Cleaning & Grease Remover”

It removes unwanted heavy dirt, grease and ink without damaging your skin. It provides healthy and perfect cleaning. It is easily rinsed and  has soft effect on the skin.

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