“Concentrated Acidic Rust and Silica Remover”

The product is used for cleaning and preparation of metal surfaces which are to be painted. It is also an effective product which prepares all paintable metal surfaces by cleaning them from rust, dirt, and grease. It is diluted with l /20 of water.

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“Rust Remover-Moisture Proofing-Slackening Oil”

It allows for an easy and quick removal of rusted and stuck nuts, bolts, screws and  other parts. It oils and removes moisture and slackens. Requires direct use.

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“Rust and Corrosion Preventer”

The product is used as a corrosion preventer on preparation of metals before painting. It is used in  manufacturing parts in automative industry and in machines functioning with water.  It is used as corrosion and bacteria preventor in lathe and milling tools, machinery and also used in machines which function with boron oil. It is antibacterial. It does not contain any acidic compounds.

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“0il,Grease, Tar Remover”

The product is especially perfect to clean fuel oil and alike residues from any combustibles in storage tanks. It is very successful in cleaning grease and tar alike filth. It also allows perfect cleaning on perpendicular surface due to its ability to hold on the surface. It doesn't damage the paint.

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“Electrical Motor and Panel Cleaner”

The product for cleaning grease, dirt and residue on electrical motors and boards with TLV value greater than 300 pmp. Due to its high dielectric power, it allows cleaning and maintenance under power. It is not diluted with water.

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“Electronic Card Cleaner”

It is safely used in cleaning electronic board cards.  It is a dielectric solvent based cleaner which removes dirt and residue on the boards. It is not diluted with water.

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