“Dishwasher Detergent”

It is used with dosage pumps which are connected to industrial dishwashers. With its high alkali structure and nonionic active substances, it dissolves the heavy oil and dry food residue. The product perfectly cleans dishes and provides disinfection. It is also very effective with its strong formula in hard water.

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“Dishwasher Polisher”

It is used  together with dishwashing detergents in industrial machines through  dosage pumps. It increases the brightness of glasses, plates, glass, metal and porcelain items in industrial dishwashers at hospitals, factories, restaurants, and hotels.

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“Lime Remover for Dishwashers”

The product to remove calcification/lime accumulates in industrial dishwashers.  With regular usage,  it removes lime layers which can form in the machine. It is used in dishwashers of facilities, as hospitals, factories, restaurants and hotels.

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“Concentrated Liquid Dishwashing  Product with Disinfectant”

The detergent for handwash. The high content of active surface materials degrade biologically. It does not contain phosphates and helps to protect your hands as skin protectors added. Its pH is neutral and it can be easily rinsed.

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“Dishwashing Product with Glycerin”

With its high content of active materials, it cleans persistent stains including frozen oil. Due to its glycerin content and leveled pH, it does not irritate hands but moisturizes.

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“Concentrated Grease Remover”

It is very effective in the cleaning animal fats and vegetable oil used in food production. It is used in kitchens, restaurants and in slaughterhouses. It is safely used in satellite systems and in automated machines. It does not require rinsing.

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