“Concentrated Cleaning Product”

With its special formulation, very strong dirt cleaner, grease solvent and disinfectant. It is especially used for cleaning and sanitization of all washable surfaces  in houses, hospitals, hotels, food units, factories and offices. Rinsing after cleaning is not required.

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Multi Hygiene
“General Cleaning Product with Concentrated Alcohol Base”

The product with concentrated deodorizer doesn’t require rinsing.  Cleaning practicality makes the product feasible for every corner of house or office. With its alcohol based formula, it cleans ingrained dirt, doesn’t leave any stains, lusters the surface and sanitizes. It can be used for cleaning all places washable.

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“General Cleaning Product with Concentrated Perfume”

It is safely used for general cleaning to remove unpleasant odors  as well  to create a nice environment. It cleans and lusters all washable surfaces.

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Toz Toplama Ürünü
“Dust Collection Product”

It collects the daily accumulated dust from hard surfaces, polished surfaces, granites and steel surfaces providing a shiny look. It is sprayed to blue orlon mop 6 to 8 hours prior to cleaning and  applied on dry and clean surfaces with the mop.

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Konsentre Dezenfekte Edici Genel Temizlik Ürünü
“General Cleaning Product with Concentrated Disinfectant”

The product is very effective against microbes, bacteria, and viruses on washable hard/sensitive surfaces as tiles, flooring, ceramics, marble, tubs, sinks, kitchen counters, wooden surfaces and PVC surfaces. It does not scratch or dull the surfaces, and creates the desired hygienic environment.

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Tuvalet Banyo Derz Temizlik Ürünü
“Concentrated Toilet and Bath and Suture Cleaning Product”

It is a concentrated agent to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces; sinks , closets and tiles. It cleans  calcification and light rust on armatures and in shower cabins. It is environmentally friendly and self- dissolving.  It cleans dirt on the sutures with no damage.

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